"FAL" hi-fi Flat speakers:                         
Hearing is Believing !     You can see the stage !! 

Mr. Iwao Furuyama         

The FAL high-end loudspeakers remarked and extolled as greatly advanced home-use speakers with the flat square driver and the "Heil" Airmotion Transformer (AMT)=Tweeter among many of audiophiles worldwide have been evloving year after year by an incessant effort of the Sound Meister, Mr.Iwao Furuyama/ President of FAL Company Limited in Tokyo, Japan.

Thanks to the strong new magnet-Neodymium N48 used for FAL flat square driver itself and Heil AMT, the resolution, clearness and dymanics as well as the sonority are exciting and superb.

The FAL loudspeakers designed purely for audiophiles have the latest models as below:

■ FAL Supreme-C90 EX W:  With two x C90 flat full range driver, two x PR (Passive Radiator)
                   and one x Heil AMT in each cabinet.

                     ○ Cross Over Frequency: 10 kHz
                     ○ Max. Input Power: 120W
                     ○ Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 23 kHz
                     ○ Sensitivity: 97 dB/1m
                     ○ Impedance: 8 ohms or 16 ohms
                     ○ Recommended Amplifier Output: Tube 8 W or more.
                       IC Transister: 50W or more
                     ○ Weight: 36 kg/pc
                     ○ Size: 341/467mm x 338/400mm x 1,210mm (WxDxH)



            New Model: Supreme-C90 EX BH            New Model: Supreme-C90 EX W BH (left)
               (Horn Bass Reflex type)                New Model: Supreme-C90 EX BH (right)  

■ FAL Supreme-C90 EX II:  With one x C90 flat full range driver, two x PR (Passive Radiator)
                  and one x Heil AMT in each cabinet.

                     ○ Cross Over Frequency: 10 kHz
                     ○ Max. Input Power: 120W
                     ○ Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 23 kHz
                     ○ Sensitivity: 97 dB/1m
                     ○ Impedance: 8 ohms or 16 ohms
                     ○ Recommended Amplifier Output: Tube 8 W or more.
                       IC Transister: 50W or more
                     ○ Weight: 21 kg/pc

                       ○ Size: 260/360mm x 250/320mm x 1,100mm (WxDxH)


■ FAL Supreme-S:  With one x Flat-C60 flat full range driver which is largely improved.

                     ○ Cross Over Frequency: 10 kHz
                     ○ Max. Input Power: 60W
                     ○ Frequency Range: 50 Hz to 19 kHz
                     ○ Sensitivity: 95 dB/1m
                     ○ Impedance: 6 ohms
                     ○ Recommended Amplifier Output: Tube 8 W or more.
                       IC Transister: 50W or more
                     ○ Weight: 14 kg/pc
                     ○ Size: 200/250mm x 150/250mm x 930mm (WxDxH)

                                            New Model with Heil AMT:
                                                 Model: Supreme-S BH 
                                                 (Horn Bass Reflex type)     

In addition to these models, FAL is making a customized model such as, for an example, having four C90 driver in an open baffle or three C90 drivers in a cabinet etc... to meet higher satisfaction of their clients. You can requst your own design in your mind to us.

In conjunction with these FAL speakers, FAL recommends to use a Tube Amplifier to work with  together in order to secure better matching, clear resolution and vivid sound. With better amplifier and better DAC, you will be able to enjoy the 3D sonorous enviornment being able to hear an   individual location of each instrument and vocal, so that you will feel just like hearing in a concert hall.

We are the authorized distributor and exporter for the world market including Asia, Oceania, Middle East, some parts of Europe, Canada etc. We are proud to work with our overseas dealers to provide a chance with audiophiles worldwide to audition such hi-fi sounds drived from FAL speakers.  Now, our overseas clients are enjoying FAL speakers in Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Indonesia, Kuwait, France, Holland etc purchased from our local dealers.

Hearing is believing, please try to be touched by FAL speakers made by a soundmeister Mr.Furuyama http://www.fal.gr.jp


    Custom-made open baffle                             Natural color

     Curly Macore color                               FAL OTL/OCL Tube Amp.


      Custom-made           Spreme-S with Heil AMT       New Spreme-S

       I am very much impressed by the exceptional sound’s quality and its performance of FAL C90 EX.   I love the sound very much !    
(France-Jimmy: Dealer in France - sunprojetjm@gmail.com

       I am very very HAPPY with the sound quality of Supreme-C90 EX.    (China-Shanghai)

       FAL Supreme-C90 EX is very very transparent, very coherent and very 3D.   Texture and resolution are also very good.  On piano recording, the bass is also very good.   The whole musical picture is very coherent without any breaking points.  Vocals are very real human textures.   (Hong Kong)

       I am truly surprised by the performance of the Supreme-S.  The clarity is stunning.  I am also surprised by the bass energy of Supreme-S.   It is very good at the price.  (Hong Kong)

       I am liking C90 EX W very much !   (Canada -John: Dealer - john@bentaudio.com)

       Our customers are amazed with the best quality of the FAL speaker Supreme-C90 EX.   (Kuwait -Aref: Dealer - arefucv@yousifi.com.kw)

       Sound from Supreme-S, reminds me of my old Stax F-81 speakers, famous for having one of the best midranges ever. Another speaker that deserves to be mentioned, is my own favourite for the last years - Goodmann Triaxiom from 1964. Supreme-S speaker is a sort of combine the best from these two world class speakers. Ability to fill the room, freedom from crossover distortion, fantastic soundstage, and seemless sound, is what this speaker gives you.
We are impressed !  (Norway-Hifi-Guiden  Dealer - hifi-guiden@hifi-guiden.no)

    A lot more......

FAL Flat Driver Unit

 Model: FAL Flat C90                  ■ Model: FAL Flat C60     




    Model: FAL Flat C90                 Model: FAL Flat C60   

    Frequency Response: 27Hz – 12kHz           Frequency Response: 50Hz – 19kHz
   Sensitivity: 97dB/1m                  Sensitivity: 95dB/1m
   Impedance: 4Ω/8Ω/16Ω/32Ω        I
mpedance: 8Ω
(Impedance is flat in all the pitch extents)       (Impedance: flat in all the pitch extents)
   Size: 260mm(H) x 199mm(W) x 70mm(D)     Size: 148mm(H) x 128mm(W) x 55mm(D)
   Weight: 2.2Kg/pc
                  Weight: 1.0Kg/pc


    All the range of frequencies are emitted from the flat area of the diaphragm without delay, so that the impurity of sound caused by the time difference from the design of cone type drivers will be resolved.  The fidelity of sound is well secured.

    The essential condition of an ideal diaphragm is to be made solid with light weighted materials and to have a plenty of air inside the diaphram evenly.   To achieve this condition, the special styrene foam is designed and developed by FAL themselves.

     The foaming of custom-made styrene is evenly done on the full surface of 4mm thick diaphragm structured with honey comb.  The diaphragm is strong enough for humidity and deterioration caused by a time elapsed.

    The voice coil shaped in rectangular is made with double coils inside and outside, and magnetic circuit is embedded only in the long side of a rectangle.   
Therefore, the inductance causing the impurity of sound can be geatly eliminated, and then both flat impedance and flat frequency can be attained at the same time.

    The driver uses Neodymium 48 for the magnet, so that very high-powered magnetic circuit is constructed.  Thanks to this high-power magnet, it can control voice coil not to move unneccessarily, and attain the high transient characteristics without phase distortion.

    The edges of the diaphragm are made of artificial synthetic leather with the double edge to sandwitch the outer line of diaphragm in front and behind, so that it can restrain the diaphragm from warping.

    Full range design without a network is adopted since the network involved usually causes the deterioration of sound, so that the driver will play back sound sources from an amplifier as real and original as possible.

    The emission angle of sound sources from standard cone type speakers is around 60 digrees, whereas FAL flat driver could emit the sound sources at 120 digrees so that the sonority is widely secured just auditioning in a concert hall.

    In case of cone type speakers, the bass is played back only from the outer surrounding of a driver so that the ample bass could not be attained if the size of a driver is smaller.  In case of FAL flat driver, however, the bass will be played back sufficiently by using all the surface of flat diaphragm, so that even with such a small flat driver the the ample bass could be attained being equivalent to 38cm – 40 cm sized woofer.

    Thanks to the sensitivity of 97 dB/1 m, an amplifier in the power range of 2.5W or above will be good enough to use.

■ Model: FAL AMT (Air-Motion Transformer)


 Model: FAL AMT

 Frequency Response: 1,200Hz – 23kHz
 Sensitivity: 97dB/1m
 Impedance: 6Ω
 Impedance characteristic: Flat.
 Size: 114mm(H) x 89mm(W) x 80mm(D)
 Weight: 1Kg/pc

FAL original Heil Air Motion Transformer (Heil AMT = Tweeter)

  Wide range drive unit with Heil technology enriching the mid and treble which is so called as
  an epoch-making driver having a worth for Nobel prize in the audio industry.  

   Top Level of the quality for the wide range of Mid & Tweeter.
   Achieving clear, transparent, ample and sonorous sounds for the treble.
   The sound start-up time is 5 times faster than normal tweeters.
   Only the driver available produced conscientiously based on the principle and patent owned by the developer: Dr. Oscar Heil. 

Being different from the conventional style of speakers, this Heil AMT actions tobreathe an air and then emit the compressed air just like the principle of  an engine of jet airplanes.  With lesser wroking energy, it can gain an excellent Mid and high ranges of sound that are purely transparent and sonorous in wide space. 

■ Model: BATPRO II (Super Tweeter for the range of 18KHz and 150KHz)


   ■ Five steps of rotary switch for change of speaker's sensitivity.
   ■ Gold plated speaker's terminal.
   ■ High quality Black-Silver metallic coating with RoHS compliance.
   ■ Having the F/R ability of 150KHz or more that is the measurement
      limit from microphones.
   ■ (Note): Connect BATPRO2 speaker terminals by speaker cables (+ to + / - to -)
           in parallelto the speaker terminals of the speaker used.
           You can also connect the BATPRO2 speaker terminals to
           the amplifier's output terminal for a speaker. (Sometimes, there are
           some speakers with the reverse phase. In this case, please make sure
           to connect + terminal of BATPRO2 to - terminal of a speaker in reverse.
           In case of Bi connection, conect the BATPRO2 speaker terminals to the
           high level (tweeter) terminal of a speaker.

    Specification for Model: BATPRO II

     Frequency Response: 18KHz – 150kHz
     Sensitivity: 100dB/W/1m. Five stage switch
     Impedance: 8Ω
     Maximum rating: 35V
     Size: 90mm(H) x 125mm(W) x 100mm(D)
     Weight: 300grams/pc

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Supreme-C90 EX W



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